Turolla develops low noise gear pump


Danfoss Group company Turolla will display its new low noise gear pump – Shhark – at Agritechnica 2017, running from November 12-18 in Hannover.

Shhark was developed to help Turolla’s customers meet increasingly strict NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) regulations and to provide a more comfortable environment for vehicle operators.

Developing a low noise gear pump has been a priority for Turolla. The easiest way to achieve this would have been for the company to make its own version of the commonly used zero backlash solution – but Turolla wanted to create something truly innovative. 

Main differences

What differentiates Shhark from other pumps is the special asymmetric profile of the gear tooth, which ensures low noise and high efficiency even after many hours of heavy duty field operation.  The special shape of the gear is unique and patented. 

Shhark is particularly well-suited to the off-highway market. Indeed, when referring to noise emissions, one of the most critical areas of an off-highway vehicle is the cab. There, the combined effect of hydraulic system, cooling system, transmission, engine and tires can generate high noise and vibration. 

The new pump is especially effective when it is part of the hydraulic steering system. When comparing the flow trend of a standard pump to that of a Shhark, the following differences can be seen: 

• A reduction of 78% in peak-to-peak flow pulsation

• Singularity: from one cycle to the other the standard pump is affected by a singularity, which causes high-frequency components in the associated vibration. In Shhark the cycle shift is much smoother, with consequent concentration of the signal to the first harmonic.

Less noise and vibration

Shhark produces about 7dB(A) less noise and lower vibration than a standard pump. Moreover, Shhark has more sealing teeth than a standard pump, resulting in higher efficiency.

Shhark’s key benefits are as follows:

• Average 7dB(A) less noise than standard gear pumps 

• Lower vibration of all hydraulic components in the hydraulic system downstream 

• Higher efficiency than a standard pump  

• Low noise performance, stable throughout the life of the pump 

• Cost saving by eliminating secondary noise reducing measures 

• Helps to meet legal noise limit requirements.

Turolla has developed a specific tandem pump, used in the first stage with a standard pump for the work function and in the second stage with Shhark for the flow supply of the hydraulic steering system. Turolla offers multiple pumps featuring Shhark technology in both stages which can be used also for various work functions such as fan drive, front-end loader, and more.  

Turolla will present Shhark and other innovative products on Stand B12, Hall 16 at Agritechnica 2017.

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