‘Smart’ drive brings sustainable progress to construction and agricultural machinery


Intelligent and sustainable drive solutions that help reduce fuel consumption and thereby ensure environmentally friendly and efficient operation are in demand today in the field of construction and agricultural machinery. For these special challenges, flexibility is needed, particularly in regard to transmissions. Therefore, the specialists at Stiebel-Getriebebau can individually tune your drives for mobile hydraulic applications to act as a dynamic link between the combustion engine and the hydraulic / electrical system.

Currently, a power take-off transmission for pumps that was specially developed at Stiebel-Getriebebau, based in Waldbröl, Germany, is helping construction and agricultural equipment become more energy-efficient. With a maximum input power of 520kW, a power take-off output of 200kW on each axle, and a power take-off ratio of 1:0.8 for the engine speed, it is part of a modular engine-transmission unit that enables economical energy and fuel consumption. As a diesel-electric hybrid solution, it is also an environmentally friendly solution

In normal operating mode, the diesel engine and the transmission are in use. These operate the hydraulic auxiliary equipment and a generator that charges the energy storage system. The braking energy is also used sustainably, with the help of the powershift pump output of the power take-off transmission for pumps, and supplied by the generator as electrical energy to the energy storage system.

Disconnecting the auxiliary equipment and returning the energy from the energy storage system to the drivetrain then enables particularly efficient vehicle operation. Thus, maximum efficiency can be achieved by the hybrid diesel-electric power generation, increasing traction and reducing operating costs.

“Our goal is to help shape technological progress, especially in such projects where all of our experience and knowledge are in demand. We provide very precise developments in this field, matching the requirements down to the smallest technical detail,” says Paul Hermann Schumacher, managing director of Stiebel-Getriebebau.

“The demand for environmentally friendly electrical traction drives has increased noticeably in recent years. And the proven flexibility of our compact, robust and precise transmissions will also continue to play an ever-increasing role in this field, whether for tractors, harvesters, loaders, excavators, or other construction and agricultural machinery of reputable manufacturers.”

The technical details are already taken into consideration during the selection of the material. For example, the shaft seals of Stiebel power take-off transmissions for pumps are made of viton, while the toothed hub profiles are made of chromium molybdenum steel.

Oil-lubricated hollow profile shafts prevent wearing of the pump shafts. The SAE motor connections provide thermal relief of the torsional vibration dampers using precisely matched air vents. The diversity in the transmission ratios also provides a high degree of flexibility. In many cases, oil cooling can be eliminated because Stiebel combines a special lubrication system with strongly ribbed housings, resulting in high efficiency. In addition, there are many special options that will also be implemented in future energy-efficient transmission solutions.

Visitors can look forward to the innovations from Stiebel-Getriebebau at the upcoming Bauma 2016 trade fair to be held in Munich, Germany, on April 11-17.

February 5, 2016

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