Manitou’s Reduce TCO doubles hydraulic oil service life


The Manitou Group is pursuing its commitments to reducing its environmental footprint. Its Manitou Reduce fuel eco-program has already increased transparency with regard to the fuel consumption of its handling machines and helps support customers in reducing their own consumption.

Now Reduce TCO helps customers choose their equipment after taking into account all of the costs of ownership of the machine. In order to reduce these costs, the Manitou Group is putting numerous actions in place, including prolonged engine oil change intervals for hydraulic systems which not only helps reduce maintenance costs for the customer but also reduces the ecological impact by reducing emissions from polluting products.

According to the breakdown of the costs of ownership of a machine, 30% is charged to fuel. The Reduce fuel eco-program helps to reduce this consumption.

Furthermore, 20% of the costs of operating a machine are linked to maintenance and repairs. To act on this analysis and its environmental objectives, the Manitou Group is optimizing the frequency of oil-change maintenance for hydraulic systems so as to meet the expectations of its customers.

Initiated in 2014, the approach called for new test protocols to be set out and performed on 16 telescopic trucks with different types of oils for different applications in several countries followed by extensive analyses of the results. After two years of studies, the results of the test have shown that the oil change intervals for hydraulic systems, initially set at 1,000 hours, can be extended to 2,000 hours with no impacts on the condition and operation of machines.

This measure allows customers to save 50% on the costs of hydraulic oil and avoids, for example, 600 liters of oil being discarded for an MLT 735 (Telescopique Agri 7m/3.5t) over 10 years of operation.

“Our measure concerns MLT telescopic (Manitou Loader Telescopic) and MT (Manitou Telescopic) Stage IIIB trucks with the priority on five ranges of ‘best-sellers’, i.e. approximately 20 models impacted,” said Olivier Le Pesquer, head of the services range for the Manitou Group.

“A large number of other TCO projects are also under way, with the aim of providing responsible and profitable solutions for our customers.”

The Manitou Group is leading the way in data transparency while guaranteeing the performance and quality of its machines. This latest measure confirms the group’s commitment to protecting the environment. As proof, the OEM is continuing its work on solutions to optimize TCO such as reducing fluid consumption.

In other Manitou news, Arnaud Boyer has been appointed VP of marketing and product development within the sales and marketing division. He will report to François-Frédéric Piffard, EVP of the sales & marketing division.

With an engineering degree from the Centrale Marseille graduate school in France, in addition to an MBA from HEC business school in Paris, Boyer has held a variety of positions of responsibility in sales and marketing in the automotive sector, including nine years at Renault UK. He then spent almost three years working as sales director for Epyx France, a company offering electronic invoicing solutions between leasers and distributors.

Arnaud subsequently held various marketing management positions at Case New Holland (CNH), where he was named director of marketing services and communication at CNH Industrial Parts & Services EMEA in Roissy in 2015. His most recent experience at CNH notably provided an opportunity to develop his expertise in two of the three divisions in the Manitou Group: agriculture and construction.

“My goal is to ensure the success of the projects already initiated by the Manitou Group while placing customer satisfaction at the heart of our upcoming actions. It is essential to strengthen ties with our customers by developing services and products that are tailored even more closely to their needs,” Boyer said.

July 22, 2016

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