Liebherr bulk operation cranes to be largest in Middle East


Liebherr is to supply the Saqr Port Authority with two LHM 800 units in bulk handling configuration.

The recently signed contract in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will make the two machines the biggest mobile harbor cranes for bulk operation in the Middle East.

Equipped with a 54m boom and a maximum lifting capacity of up to 144 tonnes, the LHM 800 has a powerful hydrostatic transmission while the electronics ensure short, productive working cycles during bulk handling.

Both machines heading to the UAE are fitted with Liebherr’s hydraulic hybrid drive Pactronic system that achieves increased handling performance with reduced fuel consumption.

A Liebherr spokesman said, “By adding an accumulator as a secondary energy source instead of a bigger or additional prime mover, Pactronic regenerates the reverse power while lowering the load. The stored energy is transferred back to the system when the crane requires peak power during hoisting. In terms of turnover capacity, that means an increase of up to 30% compared to a conventional machine with an equal power rating of the primary energy source. With Pactronic the LHM 800 is able to achieve a turnover of up to 2,300 tonnes per hour.”

A Saqr Port Authority spokeswoman said, “Saqr Port has committed itself to a strategy of continually investing in the quality and modernization of our port facilities. This includes the creation of additional deep-water berths, capable of efficiently handling Cape-size vessels. The two new bulk giants LHM 800 will operate at these new berths and consequently reinforce Saqr Ports top-position in the Middle East bulk market even more.”

Both cranes will start operation in Spring 2018.

May 12, 2017

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