Laser welding and cutting with highest precision


The demands on productivity, repeatability and quality are continuously increasing in industrial production. This has to be met by the welding and cutting technology, too. Modern welding technologies allow increasing the quality, productivity and efficiency of the complete production process.

The importance of laser welding and cutting in particular will grow in future, and the main reasons for this are the high efficiency and accuracy of the laser beam. Laser welding and cutting often allows a much higher process speed with a better quality than with conventional processes. The exact work with a precise heat input minimizes the heat affection and thus the thermal distortion. This ensures any time-consuming rework is kept to a minimum.

With the Qirox laser cell Cloos developed an extensive range of laser cells for maximum efficiency and quality. Each laser cell system is a tailor-made unit with components that match each other perfectly. They do not require much space and can be easily integrated into any production. The turnkey systems consist of a laser welding head, safety equipment, operating terminal, positioner, Qirox robot, flat screen with HD camera for visualization, and a pre-assembled media room.

The laser cells are equipped with a high-tech diode laser offering maximum electrical efficiency. Other features of this laser type are the high availability, low-maintenance expenditure, easy operation and an excellent process stability.

The two-station systems are available with different types of positioners for different workpieces and can be loaded from outside. At one end employees can remove the welded workpieces, check the quality of the welding and reload the system while the welding process takes place at the other end. This results in an enormous time saving for the whole process.

October 30, 2015

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