Hard Surface skid-steer airless radial tire readily available from Michelin Tweel Technologies


Michelin Tweel Technologies, manufacturer of the award-winning X Tweel airless radial tire, has increased its supply of the 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL Hard Surface for operators that work on harsh paved or hard surfaces.

Originally introduced two years ago, the Tweel SSL Hard Surface is designed for operators who are involved with construction, transfer stations, waste handling, pavement maintenance or material handling, and benefit from a hard surface version of an airless radial skid steer tire.

The Tweel Airless Radial Tire offers the advantages of no maintenance, no compromise and no downtime — the X Tweel SSL requires no air, thereby eliminating the risk of a flat tire.

The X Tweel SSL also delivers the advantages of no air-pressure maintenance, easy mounting, damage resistance, increased operator comfort, reduced operator fatigue and improved productivity and longer wear life than pneumatic tires.

“With our new Tweel-dedicated facility now fully operational, we can now answer the demand for our Tweel airless radial offerings,” said Olivier Brauen, head of Michelin Tweel Technologies.

The Hard Surface tire, which provides more longevity on pavement and asphalt, presents an option for very-high-use operations. The Michelin 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL Hard Surface has a smooth tread with a 100% contact surface, which provides the maximum tread life for pavement applications.

The Michelin X Tweel SSL is also available in an All Terrain version with a deep, open tread for off-road applications. The spokes are specially designed to enhance the tires’ endurance. In addition, the tires have a deep underlying tread layer that allows the core outside tread to be retreaded numerous times, helping reduce the overall cost of ownership.

“Our operators prefer the Tweel SSL over pneumatic tires to eliminate downtime,” said Carlton Ashmore, equipment manager for Ashmore Bros/Rogers Group, Inc., an asphalt, milling and paving company serving upstate South Carolina.

“We have been using the hard-surface version for several years and have no flats to fix and no issues with traction.”

August 19, 2016

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