First optical steering system for off-highway market developed


Optoi Microelectronics and Giuliani Cilindri have developed the first optical steering system for the off-highway market. It is based on an optical sensor (OIS22) integrated in a double-effect cylinder. The sensor measures the direct position of the rod, which is specifically imprinted using the laser-marking process.

The core technology is patented and it has been on the field for more than 10 years. Compared with the standard solutions on the market, the OIS22 absolute sensor presents some major advantages. Unlike magnetostrictive sensors, no rod drilling is required because the sensor is interfaced to the rod and there are no parts in it. And unlike angular sensors, no external devices or assembling operations are required, so the user can save time and money.

The optical system is ideal even in the toughest environments. Special gaskets protect the observed area and keep it free from hydraulic fluid. Its simple design always guarantees a reliable measurement and enables the system to reach a very high accuracy (0.05mm).

Moreover OIS22 is highly robust to electromagnetic noise due to the optical core of the system, and it is also immune to external agents as the electronic components are completely integrated inside the hydraulic cylinder.

October 7, 2016


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