CECE-CEMA Summit puts disruptive technology in the spotlight


Digital technologies and new business models are transforming traditional values in the construction equipment industry. The implications this has for the sector and its people, companies, construction processes for Europe as a manufacturing location, and for the design of suitable EU regulations, will be discussed at the CECE CEMA Summit in Brussels on September 23 and 24.

Construction machines are becoming more intelligent with every generation, supporting what is called ‘smart construction’ jobs. ‘Big data’ has made its way into the business: machines communicate with each other, conditions on job sites can be surveyed with high-precision machinery, intelligent machine control equipment can automatically control blades and buckets, and construction data can be stored and used for other machine appliances. Machines are becoming more tailored to specific tasks for specific customers.

At the CECE-CEMA Summit, organized by the European construction and farming equipment trade associations, the industry will reflect on the impact for the regulatory framework, which will have to keep up with the new realities. The industry calls for a competition-fit framework to help master the transformation into the new, digitally driven world, integrating new developments and providing stability where needed. Industry panelists will discuss with politicians how EU regulators can support the ‘smart machine’ trend and establish the right framework to unleash the potential of machine manufacturers in Europe. Will Europe provide the right regulatory framework to support companies at the forefront of innovation?

16 July 2015


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