Binotto launches Intelligent Tipping Assistant


Italian manufacturer Binotto has announced the launch of its ground-breaking new invention – the Intelligent Tipping Assistant (ITA).

The innovative new system, a first-of-its-kind combination of hydraulics for tipping vehicles and micro-electro-mechanical components (MEMS technology), monitors the payload and the inclinations of the vehicle before and throughout the whole tipping operation, and warns the operator when the values exceed the safety limits. Using a tablet located in the cabin, the driver can see the real-time situation and prevent damages.

In addition, all data is recorded and sent to the central fleet management for remote monitoring and control. The company management can easily access the data for each of the vehicles wherever they are located and print or export a file report for periodical monitoring analysis. The vehicle performance can be checked and the type and frequency of any dangerous operation can be reviewed in order to prevent non-compliant behaviors and improve efficiency and quality of work.

“In a competitive environment governed by fast reactions and flexibility, players operating in the transport, construction and mining industry are increasingly interested in any tool and procedure that could help to monitor efficiency of machinery and equipment, and to improve quality of work and productivity,” said Giuseppe Martinon, CEO, Binotto Group.

“Over the last few years we have been working on our products (improving our existing products and developing new ones) to enable an efficient integration between our hydraulic system and the whole tipping vehicle in order to allow our customers to provide end users with solutions which could be superior in quality and productivity to any other available in the market,” continued Martinon.

“ITA is the result of our customer-oriented approach: any efforts in research and innovation are aimed at increasing our customers’ success.”

The new product will be available in 2017.

October 14, 2016

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