Velodyne presents lidar for logistics at iVT Expo


Velodyne Lidar, a global market leader for lidar solutions, presented its products for tomorrow’s goods logistics at this week’s iVT Industrial Vehicle Technology Expo in Cologne.

Velodyne Lidar has an impressive track record of enabling industrial vehicles to become autonomous. The solid state Velarray M1600 lidar sensor, optimised for robotics platforms, provides near-field perception of 0.1 to 30 meters. Its robust point cloud and wide 32-degree vertical field enables detection of a wide range of small to large objects. The sensor is designed for autonomous applications in indoor and outdoor public, commercial and industrial environments, 24/7.

Also at the iVT booth, Velodyne will demonstrate the power of its Vella software through the Vella Development Kit (VDK). VDK enables customers to connect Velodyne’s lidar sensors to an off-the-shelf library of functions. In addition, VDK advances development for ever-evolving autonomous applications and accelerates time to market.

“We believe that lidar is going to transform the movement of goods in the industrial sector, including in warehouses, logistic centers and ports. As this industry gets smarter and moves toward autonomy, companies are going to rely on lidar to perceive and navigate increasingly complex environments,” says Dieter Gabriel of Velodyne EMEIA. “Our mission is to create environments that are more safe, efficient and sustainable. This is the reason why we are here in Cologne. We look forward to good conversations and the exchange of ideas.”


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