New autonomous machines launched ahead of EuroTier


A number of new self-propelled machines have just been launched ahead of the big EuroTier livestock husbandry show in Hanover this November. While some manufacturers are holding some big key reveals until show day others have released their innovations for all to see.

Held every two years, EuroTier attracts over 150,000 visitors from around the world to see the latest innovations dedicated for livestock husbandry and welfare. Albeit lower than normal, there will be 1,700 exhibitors from 55 countries attending EuroTier this time around in Hanover from November 15 to 18.

GEA DairyFeed F4500 autonomous feeding robot

GEA is launching its DairyFeed F4500 feeding robot at EuroTier to help dairy farms reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs.

The new feeder operates on sensor technology and can handle herds of up to 300 cows. It runs purely on electricity and can be recharged using renewable energies.

No major reconstruction on the farm is needed for installing it, and the feed bunkers can also be easily positioned as required. The installation of the GEA DairyFeed F4500 also includes the automatic mapping of the farm with the help of laser scanners, including the definition of reference points and the driving route.

Once the bunkers have been filled appropriately, the robot accurately weighs the optimum mix for each group of animals including additives, blends them, and feeds them at the desired times.

The robot is linked to the GEA DairyNet herd management system and can be monitored and controlled from mobile devices in real time.

Faresin introduces new Leader PF3 self-propelled mixer wagon

Italian Faresin Industries is introducing its new three-auger mixer wagon designed for large livestock farms from 1,000 head upwards.

The wagon is available with 30m3 and 36m3 capacities and three steered axles. The front and rear drive axles are permanent four-wheel drive, and the servo-hydraulic steering on all axles are critical elements that reduce manoeuvring space even in small barns.

Mixing and feeding can be carried out automatically as the new system interconnects all the devices of the machine and makes it possible, starting from the recipe, to program all its activities according to the raw materials that are gradually loaded.

New Trioliet Triotrac M1 1700

Trioliet will launch its Triotrac M compact self-propelled feeder models available in two sizes, 14m3 and 17m3.

A small turning circle paired with four-wheel steering makes the Triotrac M especially easy to manoeuvre between buildings and within silage pits. It can extract silage at heights of up to 4.5 metres.

The Triotrac M can also process round or square bales, loose by-products, mineral feed and even fodder beet or potatoes with ease.

The spacious cab height can be adjusted to ensure it is always optimal. The joystick in the armrest is used to control the machine. All settings for loading, mixing and discharging the feed can be adjusted with the joystick.

The diesel engine is located at the rear of the machine, ensuring it is easily accessible and is very quiet from the cab.

The Triotrac M can be fitted with a cross conveyor belt at the rear (AL) or discharge doors on both sides (ZK). A cross conveyor chain and an extension chain are also available to order for the AL machine.

Schaffer updates loaders for EuroTier

German manufacturer Schaffer is launching the successor to its 2028 loader as well as further options for its 6680 T and 9660 T models at the forthcoming EuroTier show.

The telescopic wheel loader 6680 T is now available with a 40km/h transmission and the 9660 T boasts a new and more powerful Deutz engine.

The yard loader 2028-2 has a new electronic transmission, Schaffer Power Transmission (SPT), that makes the machine even more agile and boosts its thrust by 45%.

Another plus point is the optional cruise control which maintains the selected forward speed automatically, irrespective of the current engine speed.

The 6680 T is a six ton machine that can lift the load to a height of 4.95m and travels at up to 40km/h. With new and high-pressure components, the thrust has been boosted by 13%, while the overall machine efficiency has increased by 8% for further reductions in fuel consumption and emissions. The high-speed version features the electronic SPT ground drive and the ecoMode as standard specification.

The new flagship in the Schaffer programme is the 9660 T-2. This 13t heavy-weight is now powered by a Deutz TCD 5.2 engine of either 130kW (177hp) or 150kW (204hp).

This powerhouse makes the 9660 T-2 the world’s heaviest and most powerful telescopic wheel loader. Courtesy of its huge thrust and lift capacity of up to 5.3 tonnes and a lift height of 6.10m.

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