Shortlist for new Argitechnica Systems & Components award announced


Twenty product innovations have been nominated for the brand new ‘Systems & Components Trophy – Engineers’ Choice’ at this year’s Agritechnica. With the award, DLG is acknowledging the innovative spirit within agricultural technology. Three winners will be announced at a ceremony in the Systems & Components Future Lounge at Agritechnica in Hanover, on November 10.

The awards are dedicated to honouring components or systems with an innovative or considerably improved concept which have made a significant contribution to the development and production of agricultural machinery and other off-highway machines. Central evaluation criteria include practical importance to the industry, advantages in terms of profitability, benefits to the environment and improvements in terms of workload and safety.

Marie Servais, Agritechnica Project Manager, is delighted that the agricultural machinery supplier industry is receiving its own attention-grabbing award at this year’s fair.

“The trophy is aimed primarily at companies represented in the Systems & Components area of the exhibition at Agritechnica 2019,” she says. “The award offers them the opportunity to recommend development engineers and agricultural machinery manufacturers as innovative sources of ideas. The award is therefore an optimum addition to the prestigious Agritechnica Innovation Awards, the DLG awards for innovative products and machines in agriculture.”

The prize-winners will be selected by a jury consisting of development engineers from agricultural machinery manufacturers exhibiting at Agritechnica.

The shortlist for the Systems & Components Trophy is as follows…

Alliance Forestar 344 ELIT – Alliance Tire Europe BV  – Hall 4 Stand C28
The Alliance Forestar 344 ELIT is the world‘s first low inflation forestry tire. Operating at half the inflation pressure when compared to standard forestry tires, the F344 ELIT minimises soil compaction during forestry operations and provides high traction with an excellent fuel efficiency and self-cleaning characteristics.

Multifunctional hydraulic tank module in hybrid design – ARGO – HYTOS GmbH – Hall 17 Stand F18
The “Hybrid Integrated Tank” (HIT) is a ready-to-install hydraulic tank system. Laser transmission welding is used as a flexible method to combine the strengths of rotational molding and injection molding. Hereby the plastic tank system can be produced cost-efficiently even for small quantities. Critical interfaces are eliminated and all components relevant for filtration are integrated.

Continuously Variable Transmission Unit – BONDIOLI & PAVESI GmbH Deutschland – Hall 15 Stand E27
The proposed CVT unit is a compact and powerful mechatronic unit that combines the efficiency of a mechanic transmission with the ductility of hydraulic, controlled by electronic. The unit can be applied on drawbars and is extremely interesting for all applications where it’s required to continuously adapt the speed of the implement to different working conditions.

New generation of professional agricultural driveshafts – BONDIOLI & PAVESI GmbH Deutschland – Hall 15 Stand E27
Strength, lifetime and limited need of service were the main targets during the complete redesign process of the new generation of SFT Plus driveshafts. All components were newly developed from scratch considering those targets and for professional use. Subsequently this new generation of driveshafts eliminates or reduces maintenance and lubrication.

Easy mount IoT pumps – BONDIOLI & PAVESI GmbH Deutschland – Hall 15 Stand E27
the easy-to-mount Electro-Hydraulic pump is a system composed by a hydrostatic pump for mobile applications with ECU, sensors and wiring harness connecting electronic components and actuators installed on the pump itself. A stylish cover protects all the parts and has only one easy to plugin connector for all inbound and outbound communications that makes the mount on the vehicle fast and easy.

SFT 2.0 driveline with SH CV joint – BONDIOLI & PAVESI GmbH Deutschland – Hall 15 Stand E27
CV joints increase the efficiency of towed implements, but the centering disk and balls need to always be lubricated and this requires a periodical refill of lubricant. The SFT 2.0 SH constant velocity joint represents a considerable improvement-, because it extends the time between two lubrications from the current 50 hours to 250 hours.

GFT8150 TIS (Tire Inflation System) – Bosch Rexroth AG – Hall  16 Stand A04
In order to lead pressurized air through the gearbox unit from the vehicle frame into the tire, the Bosch Rexroth TIS System is implemented in a standard gearbox design for single wheel driven machinery with small modifications.

BPW AGRO Hub – BPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft – Hall  15 Stand E05
With BPW Agro Hub, customers in agricultural industry receive a detailed overview of the mileage of the running gears installed in their agricultural trailers. Sensors allow the daily as well as the overall mileage to be calculated in hours and kilometres. A new feature is the integration of additional axle load sensors, allowing the vehicle operator to record and store the weight of the trailer.

AX pump and motor – Bucher Hydraulics GmbH – Hall 17 Stand E17
The AX hydraulic pump and motor unit has a revolutionary new design principle that consistently eliminates the existing disadvantages of today‘s hydraulic pumps and motors. It offers unmatched characteristics with regard to high efficiency, low pulsation, optimum slow-running and starting behavior as well as low noise. AX pumps are ideally suited for electrification.

Front Loader Solution – Danfoss Power Solutions ApS – Hall 16 Stand B20
With its complete front loader solution including sensors, electro-hydraulic valves and software, Danfoss is able to empower tractor OEMs and front loader manufacturers to get faster to market. The intelligent front loader solution includes 20+ safety functions and 15+ smart features for increased operability and safety when operator loads in the field and on the farm.

Hitch Control Solution 2.0 – Danfoss Power Solutions ApS – Hall 16 Stand B20
The new generation of the hitch control solution by Danfoss offers two new features for improved comfort and easier deployment and optimization. Danfoss has developed a new improved algorithm for active damping to attenuate pitching vibration of agricultural tractors giving up to 50% reduction of the oscillations. Another key feature is an HIL interface for tuning of the hitch parameters.

POLO Connectors Test Couplings – Ernst Wagener Hydraulikteile GmbH – Hall 16 Stand A16
Polo Connectors Test Couplings are an innovative solution for industrial testing of low and high pressure liquids or gas circuits. The tedious screwing and unscrewing of the components to be tested is no longer necessary.

SafeKnives – Frank Walz- und Schmiedetechnik GmbH – Hall 11 Stand B18
Disc mower knives are used in mowers to cut forage. For quick-knife-changing they are often clamped to the disc and can thus easily become a projectile if a clamping bolt gets damaged. SafeKnives constantly measures the clamping force of the bolts . If clamping force decreases, the machine stops and prevents damage to humans or machinery.

HELLA Smart Worklight System – Hella Fahrzeugteile Austria GmbH – Hall 17 Stand B40
Many new applications evolve with the possibility to control each worklight and each LED individually. Smart worklights from Hella, in combination with the patent-pending „Gateway“ controlling of intelligent worklights by the vehicle’s intelligence systems, make it possible for customers to not install new wiring harnesses or change the existing wiring harnesses.

INVENOX Battery Systems – INVENOX GmbH – Hall 17 Stand H12a
Invenox battery systems rely on an innovative cell bonding technology which allows the battery system to set a new standard in terms of robustness, energy density and design flexibility to adapt to complex installation spaces.

Replaceable ball for ball links with integrated locking – LH Lift Oy – Hall 17 Stand D02
The “replaceable ball for ball links with integrated locking” substitutes traditional pressed ball-ends or articulated yokes in tractor coupling systems (3-point linkages etc.). It has better durability and wear resistance than traditional solutions. A hHemispheric ball enables simple product variation, for instance, adding grease fitting for easy lubrication or altering pin hole size.

TWIN TOUCH – RAFI GmbH & Co. KG – Hall 17 Stand B19
With Twin Touch, the capacitive touchscreen with force recognition, RAFI has introduced a touchscreen that not only evaluates touch, but also the pressure applied to the panel.

ANCOR – recalm GmbH – Hall 17 Stand 17D54a
To counteract the stress and danger factor of noise within vehicle cabins, recalm has developed ANCOR, an innovative acoustic device based on the principle of active noise reduction. By emitting an anti-sound signal, interfering signals are cancelled out. Ancor impresses with its innovative, user-friendly, machine-oriented technology and its customized and nuanced design.

Emergency-Release-System Scharmüller – SCHARMÜLLER Ges.m.b.H & Co.KG – Hall 17 Stand D04
To disconnect the mechanical connection between tractor and the baler in case of a fire, the emergency release system is hydraulically activated through an integrated energy storage. Therefore there is no need to enter the danger zone while trying to uncouple a burning baler. All components are tested for the required load values and homologated for road usage.

VisibleFarm API – VisibleFarm Kft. – Hall 15 Stand H16b
How can we use the data that is generated by the many different systems on a farm? VisibleFarm API is a cloud-based data processing, data integrator service and development library which tries to solve this common problem. It supports agricultural software developers to build applications using a standardized and normalized data model connecting and merging data between any platforms.


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