Cummins increases turbocharger efficiency


Cummins has announced it has a new development process for turbochargers that uses computer modeling. The approach also includes real-world testing conditions to improve performance and efficiencies by 6% and 1.5% respectively.

Jamie Archer, technical adviser at Cummins Turbo Technologies, said, “Improving fuel consumption for heavy-duty commercial diesel engines is of increasing importance for OEMs and end users to reduce operating costs and CO? emissions. To meet these demands, we are constantly exploring ways to improve and optimize the engine system, including the turbocharger. Cummins is leading the way with innovative performance testing, with access to high spec computer modeling, advanced testing facilities and some of the industry’s top turbocharger engineers.”

Findings presented

The findings were presented in a paper, Advances in heavy duty commercial diesel wastegated turbocharger performance to deliver improved engine efficiency, at a supercharging conference in Dresden, Germany, earlier this month.

Improvements in the turbocharger system include a turbine and compressor design that is 3% more efficient. The new design considers engine pulsation and real-world variations in air pressure – which is not typically possible when developing turbochargers.

“By taking an analysis-led design approach, we have successfully achieved gains on both the compressor and turbine stage of turbocharger development,” Archer continued.

“These improvements support our ongoing work to deliver maximum system efficiency for our customers. We continue to develop our analysis techniques and methods to ensure Cummins Turbo Technologies remains at the forefront of turbocharger innovation.”

October 13, 2017


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