Seegrid launches new GP8 Series 6 self-driving pallet truck


Seegrid, a leader in developing connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling, has expanded its suite of automated solutions by launching a new GP8 Series 6 self-driving pallet truck.

The GP8 Series 6 offers fully automated material movement to execute hands-free load exchange from pick-up to drop-off.

“The GP8 Series 6 removes the need for human assistance to complete tasks,” said Jeff Christensen, vice president of product, Seegrid.

“In manufacturing and e-commerce environments, human labor is costly and unpredictable. As we help our customers develop smart factories of the future, safety, efficiency and operating costs will continue to be the driving forces behind the adoption of automation. Loading and unloading pallets independently creates safer working conditions, to allow for more consistent throughput and to produce a rapid return on investment for our customers.”

In the automotive industry, Seegrid self-driving vehicles are used for consistent delivery of parts to line. The Series 6 self-driving pallet truck picks up and drops off palletized car parts without human interaction, increasing productivity amid labor shortages for auto makers. In e-commerce, the Series 6 enables fully autonomous delivery of goods to keep up with fulfillment industry growth and demand.

Operating without wires, lasers, magnets or tape, the Seegrid GP8 Series 6 allows manufacturers and distributors to change routes in-house, operate in manual mode, and effortlessly scale their fleet as they grow.

August 25, 2017

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