Camso launches safer forklift tire


Camso has announced it has developed a non-marking anti-static forklift tire.

The industry-first tire is designed to resolve the safety issue of static electricity generated by non-marking tires and will be showcased on the Solideal 775 NMAS press-on tire at CeMat later this month.

In 2017, the company launched three new Solideal tire solutions for forklifts working in high- and medium-intensity applications. In such situations, tires are pushed to their limits and experience heat build-up that can easily become a fire hazard in enclosed spaces like warehouses.

With the patented anti-static technology from Camso, the thermally-efficient construction and abrasion-resistant tread compound found in the Solideal PON 775 NMAS addresses this concern. Providing 63% better resistance to heat build-up and 33% greater energy than the company’s Solideal Magnum SM NM (smooth non-marking). It also ensures greater operator safety while minimizing human electrical shocks, outages, electrical component damage and fire risks.

Darren Stratton, product management director for material handling at Camso, said, “Last year, we brought solutions to respond to forklift usage intensity. This year, we’re tackling the issue of static build-up.

“The accumulation of static electricity on forklifts is common in non-marking tires because of the silica used as reinforcing filler, allowing the tire to have isolating properties. This can lead to a number of problems like driver electrical shocks, forklift onboard electronic issues or outages and fire hazards.”

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