Camso increases forklift safety


An anti-static forklift tire developed by Camso was on show at CeMat this year.

The Solideal PON (press-on) 775 non-marking anti-static (NMAS) tire is the first of its kind to prevent build-up of static increasing safety for forklift operators and reducing damage to warehouses in the process.

Thierry Miche, product line executive director for material handling at Camso, said, “Static build-up on non-marking tires is well-known in the industry, and we’re taking it seriously.

By tackling the accumulation of static electricity on non-marking forklift tires, we’re resolving potential safety issues for operators, as well as preventing facility damage.

“The need for conductive non-marking tires came up during a product review with a customer, and since its development, the tire has generated great enthusiasm among key players in the industry.”

Nearly half of all forklifts equipped with PONs operate on non-marking tires so there isthe potential for a wide range of sectors to benefit from the new tire, including pulp, paper and carpet industries where static can cause significant damage and be a fire hazard.

Miche added, “The tire has been in the field overcoming static-related issues since October 2015 with a leading company in the North American pulp and paper sector. In addition to grounding static build-up, it’s shown long tire life and increased heat resistance.”

May 11, 2018

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