John Deere’s new Gator utility vehicle is ‘quietest ever’


John Deere has announced it has improved comfort in its utility vehicles for operators and passengers. The cab in the new Gator machine is the quietest the company has developed and also includes an efficient heating system as well.

The gasoline XUV 835M and diesel XUV 865M models will be available from UK and Irish dealers from early next year, but the redesigned HPX 815E, XUV 560E and XUV 590M versions are expected before the end of 2017.

All-round performance

The modified 54hp XUV 835M and 23hp 865M models will offer power steering, CVT, and a top speed of 37mph or 31mph respectively, as well as a tight turning circle and good off-road performance.

A John Deere spokesperson said, “The spacious, pressurized cab can accommodate three people, for off-road use only. This new cab incorporates noise isolation and sound dampening components, making it the quietest yet available on the Gator range. It also offers year-round weather protection and the heating system includes a windscreen defrost feature.

“Both these new, sleekly styled XUV Gator models feature ample legroom and a tiltable steering wheel to help reduce driver fatigue during long working days.”

The onboard cargo box has a load capacity of 454kg and towing capacity has increased to 907kg, while total payload capacity is 680kg.

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The diesel powered HPX 815E Gator utility vehicle shares its new styling with the XUV 855M model, which replaces the 855D. The 815E’s updated cargo box also has a load capacity of 454kg and both the sides and the tailgate, which has a pick-up style one-handed latch, can be easily removed to provide a flatbed-style load bay if required.

The durable composite construction of this industry leading cargo box makes it dent-, rattle- and rust-resistant. Additional changes to this model include a new digital dashboard, powerful LED headlights and a restyled front bumper, to improve handling and operation particularly in challenging terrain.

The XUV 560E (non-power steering) and XUV 590M (with power steering) Gator models both have petrol engines and now feature LED headlights as standard and an instrument cluster for easier operation. The new styling includes alloy wheels, which allow the suspension to follow ground contours more closely and thus improve grip. A seatbelt interlock system provides a safer drive, by restricting the machines’ speed to 8mph (13km/h) if the seatbelt is not done up.

October 13, 2017

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