A new ‘intelligent’ relay


MTA, a designer and producer of electromechanical and electronic products supplied to many major OEMs, has recently developed a new electronic relay that can substitute the traditional coil relays.

The electronic relay embodies several characteristics that solve some of the limitations of the electromechanical variety. The noise issue that is typical of traditional coil relays is in fact eliminated and the component offers the ability to manage some functions by modulating the output in PWM, thus enabling the variation of output voltage.

The new relay incorporates different protections such as those against over-voltage and reverse battery polarity, and diagnostic functions are included. It can therefore also act as a fuse, as it can disconnect itself in the case of the anomalies mentioned above.

At the same time, it is reliable over time (an unlimited number of activations), has much faster switching times, and is also characterized by a reduced size and weight (-30%) compared with other products on the market.

The new relay is compatible with the traditional relay port control units, making it possible to substitute the more traditional electromechanical relays without any problems.

The new relay will be available in three different versions, with nominal currents of 10A, 25A and 40A respectively, to meet the needs of different vehicle manufacturers, whether of cars or commercial vehicles, or agricultural or earthmoving machinery.

April 29, 2016

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