DAVIS displays Danfoss’s autonomous capabilities


Danfoss Power Solutions is demonstrating its autonomous technology capabilities with the unveiling of a concept vehicle equipped with the Danfoss Autonomous Vehicle Integration System (DAVIS), which has been developed to push the conversation forward concerning the embryonic technology.

DAVIS is a flexible technology solution designed to enable OEMs to add autonomous characteristics to off-highway vehicles.

“DAVIS has been an exploration project for Danfoss. We started on this journey with the intention of learning exactly what our customers need and how we can partner with them through the right products, systems and support as we move into an autonomous age,” said Allan Hermanni, senior director of portfolio and innovation at Danfoss Power Solutions.

Previously, the company has already demonstrated capability in autonomous functions, such as remote-control steering, but with DAVIS Danfoss integrates hydraulics, electronics, sensors and cloud-based command interfaces. It means the machine can be controlled remotely, clever algorithms allow it to determine its most efficient path – factoring in local maps and continuously evaluating surrounding conditions – while stationary and moving obstacles can be detected and avoided.

“The technology for autonomous vehicles is already there. What we want to do is fine-tune how sensors work with the technology and add value,” Hermanni said. “To continue to do this, we want to start a dialog with our customers — to share our knowledge but also to learn from them. They are the ones building the machines, and we want to make sure we’re developing the right solutions for their most pressing needs.”

January 19, 2018

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