Jungheinrich unveils revolutionary ‘two shifts, one charge’ Kombi Stacker


Jungheinrich has announced the launch of a totally new narrow-aisle Kombi Stacker – the EKX 514-516 electric order-picker and trilateral forklift. With a payload capacity of 1.6 metric tons and a lift height of 18m, the new model offers maximum versatility for order-picking and stacking operations.

The truck is equipped with state-of-the-art control technology, completely new motor technology, and an efficient energy management system. Its intelligent design makes use of high-strength steels, resulting in a weight reduction of 150kg. “This means we can guarantee the efficient and economical operation of the stacker over two shifts with a single battery charge,” said Steve Richmond, director of Jungheinrich’s Systems & Projects Division.

The new Kombi Stacker eliminates the need for extra batteries on a two-shift operation and cuts down on requirements for charging stations and extra manpower. Richmond continued, “This is no idle promise. If a battery fails to hold a charge for two full shifts, Jungheinrich will replace it free of charge.”

Completely new motor technology developed by Jungheinrich is at the heart of the EKX 514-516. For the first time, the high performance and energy efficiency of a synchronous motor has been combined with the low maintenance and cost advantages of a three-phase AC motor.

The new motor technology converts around 93% of the energy consumed into actual output, cutting energy losses by half. “This means that energy consumption has been reduced by a further 15% compared with the previous model,” said Richmond. “And this, despite the truck’s much higher performance,” he added.

For the first time, Jungheinrich is also equipping this series with a patented vibration damping system. The optional Floor Pro module reduces lateral vibration of the mast and driver’s cab caused by uneven floors. “This system enables the user to travel more smoothly and up to 30% faster on substandard surfaces,” said Richmond. “Narrow-aisle trucks can now work safely and efficiently on floors that were originally designed solely for reach trucks – even at lift heights of 10m.”

The new EKX 514-516 is fitted with a number of different modules for process integration, including RFID technology, height and distance measurement, and the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface. Throughput can be enhanced by up to 25% using the optional Jungheinrich warehouse navigation system with semi-automatic target approach.

Richmond concluded, “By combining intelligent assistance systems with high-performance synchronous motors, Jungheinrich has made a giant leap in optimizing energy efficiency – putting us in great shape to meet the future challenges of Intralogistics.”

January 22, 2016

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