Smart color display sets a new standard


Scanreco, a leading OEM supplier of professional radio remote control systems, has announced the launch of a smart 4.3in color display for its Mini and Maxi transmitters. The new Scanreco 4.3in color display increases the possibilities and enhances the performance for the operator. The high-performance display gives excellent visibility with 16 million colors (24 bits) in all kinds of outdoor and indoor environments.

The Smart Color Display with its advanced technology excels in strong sunlight were traditional displays struggle. An ambient light sensor is optimizing the display settings for all possible environments, from a dark winter night in Stockholm to a sunny day in Los Angeles. Optically bonded shockproof glass protects the display as well as providing antireflection.

The Scanreco 4.3in color display is compatible with existing Scanreco platforms. The operating system, Scanreco Chameleon, is based on Linux and Qt, and is specifically optimized for the Scanreco hardware. Language bindings are in C++ or JavaScript and the Qt application has full world awareness of what is happening within the total system (software/hardware).

Why not use the latest technologies if available? That was the manufacturer’s thought when it equipped the display with wi-fi, 4Gb storage, accelerometer, gyroscope, real-time clock, USB and a compass. The video display capability is an excellent solution for operator manuals and instructions and the USB makes software upgrades in the field smooth and easy; it is even prepared for a WLAN video camera feature for future applications. Only imagination and compliance to standards will set the boundaries and limitations.

April 22, 2016


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