LiuGong F-series excavators launched


A new-generation of LiuGong F-series excavators has been launched at BICES2019. An important element in meeting future market needs and the diverse needs of customers, LiuGon’s sixth-generation excavators integrate technology, intelligence and environmental protection.

The new excavators are designed mainly for North America, Western Europe, and China, while acknowledging emerging markets. As a result, various product portfolios are included to answer the differing needs of these markets.

Compared with the previous generations of excavators, the F-series have a larger number of models and size classes, including standard for the Chinese market and short-tail and zero-tail swing ones for the Western European and North American markets plus different market segments. The products comply with the latest Chinese and European regulations on emissions. The series has 15 product sub-platforms with over 40 size classes ranging from 1.5 to 90 tons, which covers more than 90% of the global market demand. Mini excavators of under six tons are divided into more size classes.

F-series excavators also include variants to the basic models that include purpose-specific accessories for excavation, demolition, forestry, materials handling, and recycling, so providing good value for customers.

Environmentally friendly and efficient

The F series excavators are equipped with the latest electronically controlled hydraulic system consisting of a main pump with large displacement, a low-speed and high-torque engine and a main electro-hydraulic proportional control valve for better management of flow distribution. An intelligent cooling system is also included, which controls fan speed in real time according to the temperature of the water, oil and intercooler. With these systems, the F-series excavators boast high operating efficiency and low oil consumption (about 15 to 20% lower than that of the previous generation of products).

The product intelligence of the F-series excavators combines the integrated operation of a single excavator, intelligent control, network-based integration of excavators, intelligent monitoring, detection, prediction and remote control. The technology enables the monitoring of bucket trajectory, construction guidance, assisted excavation, and automatic weighing, so improving working efficiency and quality and avoiding any repetition of operations. The excavators also adopt new electronic fence technology that ensures safer construction, and expandable control platform that provides the basis for access to the intelligent control and management system of excavators.

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