World’s smallest ISObus tractor-implement-combination to be shown at Agritechnica 2015


With what is probably the world’s smallest ISObus tractor-implement-combination, Anedo will demonstrate its new control concept at Agritechnica 2015.

Called open:control, the system makes even the smallest machine fully ISObus-capable– in a cost-efficient way and with less than usual effort for development and programming.

The Agritechnica exhibit is a fully functional ISObus Dinocar ‘tractor’. The front loader is connected to the original front ISObus break-away connector, the implement unit to the rear break-away. The three independent ISObus systems are operated using any ISObus terminal. All this, with sensors and actuators, is connected to the open:control controllers. They can be controlled by means of joysticks using the ISObus-Aux integrated in the armrest – even the unit’s track markers with automatic turn mechanism.

According to the company, open:control now provides a new modular control system which allows time-saving implementation of individual ISObus solutions without requiring special electronics development and application programming.

Anedo say it is ISObus-compatible and can be AEF certified. This enables even smaller OEMs to develop function-control systems quickly and economically for smaller devices. Even individual requirements of customers can be programmed. For first time operation of a new machine (prototype), the entire control system can easily be put together from modules and components. The control logics including the ISObus functionalities are quickly assembled in the graphical development environment. Field trials of the machine can then be directly started. From the assembled prototype system, a configuration code for the hardware is stored, so that Anedo can supply the hardware ready for installation to start series production.

The ever-shorter development cycles of the agricultural engineering manufacturers initiated the development of open:control. Control technology is becoming more complex, just like the variety of models within each type series. Therefore, many manufacturers are still using proprietary systems which are not compatible between manufacturers, instead of using the ISObus standard throughout.

Anedo says open:control provides the manufacturers of agricultural machines with a new standardised control system as a modular assembly concept to launch ISObus systems on the market quickly and reliably. The benefit to agriculture? The entire ISObus equipment (terminal, Aux, task controller, GPS, section control, TIM, fleet management, etc.) can also be used in small machines which at the moment are often excluded.

October 30, 2015

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