Hitachi unveils 100% electric 13.5-tonne excavator prototype

Hitachi Construction Equipment is using the Bauma Munich fair this week (24-30 October) to showcase its brand new prototype – a 13.5-tonne battery electric excavator. In this video, product manager Norihiko Kinugawa, speaks exclusively to iVT about the ZX135-7EB and reveals a little more about the top-secret project that is pushing the boundaries of electrification.

Hyundai hydrogen fuel-cell excavator prototype

At Bauma Munich this week (24-30 October) Hyundai showcased to the world its Hydrogen fuel cell excavator – a truly zero-emissions solution. In this exclusive video interview from iVT, product specialist Peter Sebold explains a little more about how it works and the challenges involved in bringing such machines to market. For more on the HW155H prototype don’t miss the complete case study in the September 2022 edition of iVT magazine.